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Is there Arsenic in your Drinking Water?

Posted by Marketing Intern - KayLeigh Schneider on Apr 7th 2021

Inorganic Arsenic is a highly toxic element that is formed from natural deposits in the earth. A water supply can be contaminated by Arsenic through industrial and agricultural pollution. Having long term exposure to ingesting high-levels of Arsenic can cause serious illnesses and health issues. As a result of this, it’s important to regularly test your drinking water and look out for high leve … read more

Exciting New Partnership with ReefTrace Live in the Marine Aquarium Market!

Posted by Marketing Manager - Mike McBride on Aug 21st 2020

Exciting New Partnership Announcement for eXact iDip® & ReefTrace Live™ heading Two great smartphone apps make one great solution for the Marine Aquarium market. heading Rock Hill, SC— Industrial Test Systems, Inc. (ITS), manufacturers of the eXact iDip® 570 Marine Starter Test Kit, announced an exciting partnership with ReefTrace Live™ for premier testing of marine aq … read more

Hurricane Season Pool Preparation

Posted by Marketing Manager - Mike McBride on Jul 29th 2020

Our friends in Florida are expecting a visit from potential Tropical Storm Isaias. This storm could make landfall in southern Florida late Friday night or early Saturday morning and then move north along the state. Our friends at FSPA have great tips on getting your pool ready in the event of bad weather like a hurricane. … read more


Posted by RETTA RACE / SwimSwam on Mar 12th 2020

Read on about how chlorine interacts with coronavirus, per data reporting by Ireland's Health Protection Surveillance Center.

The Hard Truth About Iron in Well Water

Posted by Marketing Intern - Jonathan "J.R." Gerstl on Aug 13th 2018

Few things in life are more refreshing and healthy than an ice-cold glass of rust orange metallic tasting water… You need iron in your diet, but not quite like that. Here is some useful information about how iron gets in your water, potential hazards of it being there, and how to test for it. How Iron Can Get into Your Well Water? There are two ways iron can sneak into yo … read more

What Causes Hard Water?

Posted by Marketing Intern - Jonathan "J.R." Gerstl on Aug 6th 2018

Hard water can be a real pain in the glass…and shower, laundry machine, and personal grooming. Today we are going to look at what causes this grimy little nuisance. WHAT IS HARD WATER? Hard water is water that has a significant amount of dissolved minerals, mainly calcium, magnesium, and sometimes iron. As you may know, the composition of water is two hydrogen atoms and o … read more

What is Cyanuric Acid and Why You Should Care Before You Jump in The Pool This Summer?

Posted by Marketing Intern - Jonathan "J.R." Gerstl on Jul 3rd 2018

Cyanuric Acid Products Nothing beats a beautiful summer’s evening. The vibrant shades of red and orange flood the vast blue skyline as the sun sets in the horizon. Sitting on the edge of the pool, drink in hand, the water ripples against your feet. You slowly cascade into the warm water and try to drift away from the stressors of the day. It seems as if nothing can ruin this mo … read more

Springtime Pool Sorcery

Posted by Chad Howard, MD on May 25th 2018

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! It’s that time of year when pool owners are faced with the task of getting their pool open and ready for use. This article will focus on some of the pertinent pool water parameters that need to be checked and maintained in order to get a healthy pool right from the start of the season. There is also a more detailed section on chlorine to promote a better und … read more