Are you prepared for the Chlorine Shortage?

Posted by Marketing Intern - KayLeigh Schneider on May 13th 2021

Due to a record number of pools installed during the pandemic and a fire at a chlorine manufacturing facility, chlorine tablets are limited this summer!

The amount of chlorine in a pool is very important. In many pools, chlorine is used as the primary disinfectant killing germs and harmful bacteria. For your safety, it’s important to test pool water often to make sure the proper levels of the sanitizer are present.

Industrial Test Systems, Inc. offers a vast array of Chlorine/BrominepHTotal AlkalinityTotal Hardness, and much more!

Pool Pocket Packs

Be prepared when you jump into a pool to escape the blistering heat this summer! Pool Check® Pocket PacksPool Pocket Packs fit right inside your bag and hold 10 water quality tests in a packet that easily fits into the palm of your hand. For peace of mind, test for the most important pool parameters before diving in. Do not go swimming without them! Call now for a free sample - 800-861-9712!
Pool Pocket Packs