NSF®-50 Level 1 Certification

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An image of the eXact iDip product

Industrial Test Systems, Inc. is proud to announce that it has five NSF Certified test kits including the eXact iDip® and family of eXact® EZ Photometers as required by the MAHC.  NSF ®  is a product testing, inspection & certification organization based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) is a set of guidelines published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This document brings together the latest knowledge based on science and best practices to help state and local government officials develop and update pool codes.

Benefits of NSF Certified Test Kits

eXact photometers

    Demonstrates technical knowledge

Increases inspector confidence

Expedites regulatory acceptance

Reduces potential liability issues

Increases consumer confidence

Not all NSF Certified test kits are equal!

Certified products are given an accuracy rating to one of three levels: L1, L2, or L3. ITS has been awarded level L1 certification, the highest accuracy rating available. Only products bearing the NSF®-50 logo are NSF®-Certified*.



NSF/ANSI   50 Standards for pH and Free & Combined Chlorine

NSF 50 pH Accuracy Scale
NSF 50 Free/Combined Chlorine Accuracy Scale

"Visual colorimetric methods are accurate only to +/- half the difference between the adjacent color blocks, and thus the confidence limits for these methods are wider at higher concentrations (e.g., above 1.5 mg/L). Where portable colorimeter test kits are affordable, these are the most accurate kits available for use at POOLSIDE." - 2016 Annex to the Model Aquatic Health Code- Scientific Rationale, Water Quality Testing Devices and Kits, page 148 - 149

 For a complete list of all NSF®-50 Certified Water Quality Testing Devices (WQTD) click here*.


ITS' NSF Certified Photometers

eXact iDip 


Part No. 486101

exact idip

Pool eXact EZ Photometer

Part No. 486201

Pool eXact EZ Meter



Spa eXact EZ Photometer

Part No. 486202

Spa eXact EZ Meter

Chlorine + eXact EZ Photometer

Part No. 486205

Chlorine + eXact EZ Meter

Well eXact EZ Photometer

Part No. 486203

Well eXact EZ Meter