Water Quality Testing Blog

The 5 Times in Life You Need To Test Your Water

Posted by Marketing on May 31st 2023

Life gets busy, and with so many things to think about, no one has time to stop and worry about the little details. Water safety never even crossed your mind. You trust your local water providers to work diligently and clean your water. But water can become contaminated several times after it leaves the water plant and before reaching your faucet. While testing your water won’t solve your contami … read more

CBC Drinking Water Advisories

Posted by Marketing Manager - Mike McBride on Sep 30th 2022

Drinking water advisories let people know that tap water could be contaminated and make them sick. Advisories tell people, schools, hospitals, businesses, and others about the situation and how to take immediate action, if necessary. Water systems and state or local agencies issue these advisories when they have concerns about water contamination. The CDC guidelines to follow are very helpful … read more

Announcing our new Chlorine Dioxide High Test Strips!

Posted by Marketing Intern - Danielle Dowling on Dec 14th 2021

Save the time and hassle of using reagent drops or bulky test kits and try  WaterWorks Chlorine Dioxide High test strips. Chlorine Dioxide High test strips are combined with sensitivity and safety, making them a great alternative to wet chemical tests. This test only requires a simple dip and read procedure and optimized color chart, which makes this an ideal product for technical and non-tec … read more

How to Conserve Sanitizer for Hot Tubs

Posted by Marketing Intern - Danielle Dowling on Aug 13th 2021

Got a new hot tub during the pandemic? This article, “Pool Marketing” by John Boker, highlights the importance of balancing your water, cleaning filters and sanitizing regularly. In the article, Boker speaks about regular water quality testing to ensure the wellness of their hot tub water. He also mentions when using Chlorine tablets as a sanitizer, adding borates can help reduce Chlorine consu … read more

Save big on our Popular Childcare Test Kit from ITS!

Posted by Marketing Intern - Danielle Dowling on Jul 27th 2021

The Childcare test kit from Industrial Test Systems (ITS) was designed specifically to meet strict sanitation rules and guidelines which makes it safe, non-hazardous, and easy to use. The kit allows you to quickly verify your sanitizing and disinfecting chlorine solutions, approved for use in childcare centers. All test strips have easy-read color blocks that ensure accuracy and requires no dil … read more

Are you prepared for the Chlorine Shortage?

Posted by Marketing Intern - KayLeigh Schneider on May 13th 2021

Due to a record number of pools installed during the pandemic and a fire at a chlorine manufacturing facility, chlorine tablets are limited this summer! The amount of chlorine in a pool is very important. In many pools, chlorine is used as the primary disinfectant killing germs and harmful bacteria. For your safety, it’s important to test pool water often to make sure the proper level … read more

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with High Quality Brews!

Posted by Marketing Intern - Kayleigh Schneider on May 5th 2021

As Cinco De Mayo is here, it’s time to celebrate with fun, friends, and beer! Home-brewing has become a popular and wide-spread way to enjoy beer. Brewing has also grown in popularity as it allows anyone to be able to create fresh and diverse brews. One of the most important aspects of brewing is making sure the water used is of the highest quality. Beer is made of about 92-95% of water, so t … read more

Celebrate Earth Day everyday with SenSafe® Pocket Pack Water Test Strips!

Posted by Marketing Intern - KayLeigh Schneider on Apr 22nd 2021

While celebrating Earth Day we are celebrating our new environmental friendly product line. Industrial Test Systems has been a leading innovator of water quality testing for over 30 years. We understand and strive to reduce our environmental impact from the production of quality testing materials. In order to reduce the carbon footprint of their regular packaging, the company has shifted their … read more