Water Quality Testing Blog

BeerSmith Water Quality Testing

Posted by marketing on Jan 7th 2016

Our technical genius, Christian, did a podcast with BeerSmith guru Dr. Brad Smith discussing proper brewing water quality and why it makes a difference brewing craft beer. With the introduction of hom … read more

New Range of Photometric Peracetic Acid Detection

Posted by sales on Dec 17th 2015

We released the upgraded eXact® Strip Micro Peracetic Acid test strip which can detect Peracetic Acid (PAA) at concentration up to 590 parts per million (ppm) when used with our 525nm eXact® Phot … read more

Breakthrough: Water Apocalypse

Posted by marketing on Dec 7th 2015

There is a lot of opportunity in every decision to make better choices concerning water usage. Our planet is facing the devastating loss of a vital resource: clean water. Now, innovators across the gl … read more

Water quality worries in Rio

Posted by marketing on Dec 3rd 2015

Water quality woes continue in BrazilThe Associated Press is reporting Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic waterways are badly contaminated and the bad water quality poses a danger to athletes. Brazilian authori … read more

Rain, Rain, went away but the flood is here to stay

Posted by marketing on Oct 8th 2015

The states of North and South Carolina experienced a rare event that brought flash floods and historic rain fall totals. 11 TRILLION gallons of water fell from the sky, enough water to end the severe … read more