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Water Quality Testing Blog

Water quality worries in Rio

Posted by marketing on Dec 3rd 2015

Water quality woes continue in BrazilThe Associated Press is reporting Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic waterways are badly contaminated and the bad water quality poses a danger to athletes. Brazilian authori … read more

Rain, Rain, went away but the flood is here to stay

Posted by marketing on Oct 8th 2015

The states of North and South Carolina experienced a rare event that brought flash floods and historic rain fall totals. 11 TRILLION gallons of water fell from the sky, enough water to end the severe … read more

Water Quality Testing Tips

Posted by sales on Oct 2nd 2015

Private water (ground water) sources aren’t regulated and approved for safe and clean drinking water the way public sources are tested . It doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be tested regularly and adequate … read more

California dreaming … for water

Posted by sales on Sep 22nd 2015

A picture is worth a thousand words. The state of California is currently under a severe drought. These pictures of the depleted water in the state should remind everyone that water is our most import … read more

MACNA Presentation

Posted by marketing on Sep 9th 2015

Our talented Technical Product Manager, Christian Krzykwa, presented at the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA) show. His presentation focused on the various parameters common in marin … read more