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America’s lead poisoning problem isn’t just in Flint. It’s everywhere.

Posted by Mike McBride on Jan 24th 2016

Flint, Mich., has so much toxic lead in children’s blood that a state of emergency is declared. This is an extreme case, but the problem of lead exposure among children is not a local Flint story. If you look at public health data, you begin to realize two things. The first is that it’s actually really hard to get good data on which kids do and don’t experience lead exposure, and which parents sho … read more

The Right Way to Prepare for a Winter Storm

Posted by marketing on Jan 21st 2016

The eastern majority of the United States is preparing for an epic winter storm. While stocking up on bread and milk, be proactive and use these helpful tips before the storm. [Lifehacker]

BeerSmith Water Quality Testing

Posted by marketing on Jan 7th 2016

Our technical genius, Christian, did a podcast with BeerSmith guru Dr. Brad Smith discussing proper brewing water quality and why it makes a difference brewing craft beer. With the introduction of home test kits and field pH meters, brewers can control water quality and the beer brewing process.Download the MP3 File – The mp3 file is also available. Right click the link and Save As to downloa … read more

New Range of Photometric Peracetic Acid Detection

Posted by sales on Dec 17th 2015

We released the upgraded eXact® Strip Micro Peracetic Acid test strip which can detect Peracetic Acid (PAA) at concentration up to 590 parts per million (ppm) when used with our 525nm eXact® Photometers. 1 With the addition of the new extended range Peracetic Acid test method, users will be able to quantify concentrations of PAA from 0 to 590 ppm. ITS has employed an enti … read more

Breakthrough: Water Apocalypse

Posted by marketing on Dec 7th 2015

There is a lot of opportunity in every decision to make better choices concerning water usage. Our planet is facing the devastating loss of a vital resource: clean water. Now, innovators across the globe are seeking solutions in emergent technologies to prevent a planet-wide water crisis. This is the premise of a new documentary, Breakthrough: Water Apocalypse that premieres Sunday, Decem … read more

Water quality worries in Rio

Posted by marketing on Dec 3rd 2015

Water quality woes continue in Brazil The Associated Press is reporting Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic waterways are badly contaminated and the bad water quality poses a danger to athletes. Brazilian authorities have sent confusing messages about testing the viral pathogens already identified in the water. The large amount of viruses are equivalent to those found in raw sewage. Read the enti … read more

Rain, Rain, went away but the flood is here to stay

Posted by marketing on Oct 8th 2015

The states of North and South Carolina experienced a rare event that brought flash floods and historic rain fall totals. 11 TRILLION gallons of water fell from the sky, enough water to end the severe drought in California. This historic rainfall qualifies as a 1,000-year rain event, meaning in a given year there is a 1 in 1,000 chance of observing rainfall totals of this magnitude. … read more

Water Quality Testing Tips

Posted by sales on Oct 2nd 2015

Private water (ground water) sources aren’t regulated and approved for safe and clean drinking water the way public sources are tested . It doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be tested regularly and adequately. George Bailey, our VP of Sales and Marketing, spoke to the largest publication serving the well drilling industry – National Driller magazine. He explained the importance of water qualit … read more