How to Conserve Sanitizer for Hot Tubs

Posted by Marketing Intern - Danielle Dowling on Aug 13th 2021

Got a new hot tub during the pandemic? This article, “Pool Marketing” by John Boker, highlights the importance of balancing your water, cleaning filters and sanitizing regularly. In the article, Boker speaks about regular water quality testing to ensure the wellness of their hot tub water. He also mentions when using Chlorine tablets as a sanitizer, adding borates can help reduce Chlorine consumption.

Woman Enjoying Sanitized Hot tub

SenSafe® Free Chlorine Water Check test strips are used for monitoring drinking water. They combine a wide range of water quality detection, designed to resist interference from monochloramines. The SenSafe® Free Chlorine Water Check test strips are perfect for determining whether or not you have the correct amount of sanitizer present. No external chemicals are needed to perform the water quality test, which makes it quick, easy, and affordable!

SenSafe Free Chlorine Water Check

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