Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with High Quality Brews!

Posted by Marketing Intern - Kayleigh Schneider on May 5th 2021

As Cinco De Mayo is here, it’s time to celebrate with fun, friends, and beer! Home-brewing has become a popular and wide-spread way to enjoy beer. Brewing has also grown in popularity as it allows anyone to be able to create fresh and diverse brews.

One of the most important aspects of brewing is making sure the water used is of the highest quality. Beer is made of about 92-95% of water, so the quality of the water matters. In ancient times, Beer was a necessity because of the poor water quality; It was made with sugar water that was converted into a fermented liquid.

Many tests are used to check the quality of the water. A common test among brewers is for the total hardness of the water. The hardness is determined by the color and type of beers. Dark beers use harder water than light beers. As a result of this, it is important to test the water used to get the best flavor and taste.

We offer a variety of water tests and kits for brewers to ensure the quality of their water and product. Check out our brewing page for a list of brewery-compatible tests and kits!