WaterWorks™ Zinc Pocket Pack

30 Foil packed tests
Part No. 480126


WaterWorks™ Zinc for water quality testing is designed for detection of Zinc in water. There are no hazardous chemicals to mix and a MSDS is not required. Note: Similar positive color development shows up with the presence of Cu+2 (>0.1mg/L), Mn+2 (>5 mg/L), and Fe+2 (>10 mg/L). 

Why test for Zinc?

Zinc is found at very low levels in nature with concentrations below 10 µg/L (0.01 ppm) in surface waters and 40 µg/L (0.04 ppm) in ground water. The main source of zinc in drinking water is from the corrosion of brass and dissolution of pipes in older plumbing and water mains. Zinc will cause water to have a milky color or greasy surface when boiled. It will also cause a bitter, salty, or sour taste.


0, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40, 100 ppm (mg/L)