WaterWorks™ Sulfate Test Strips (Pocket Packs)

30 Foil packed tests
Part No. 481200

WaterWorks™ Sulfate test strips can be used to quickly determine the sulfate content of drinking water, industrial waste (from galvanizing and leather industry), and wastewater. The US EPA Secondary Drinking Water Standard is 250 mg/L (ppm). The dip-and-read strip is decolorized by sulfate.

Why check for Sulfate?

Sulfate is a substance that occurs naturally in drinking water. Ingestion of high levels of sulfate in water can have a laxative effect; this is a health concern because serious cases can lead to dehydration. Because of aesthetic effects (i.e. taste and odor) Sulfate is classified as an EPA secondary contaminant. The Secondary Maximum Contaminant Level (SMCL) for Sulfate is 250 mg/L (ppm). Sulfate minerals, such as Calcium Sulfate, produce scale buildup in water pipes.  Water that contains high sulfate levels will taste “bitter” and may be corrosive for plumbing, particularly copper piping.


0, 250, >500 ppm (mg/L)