Quick™ Arsenic for Water, Soil, and Wood Test Kit

100 tests
Part No. 481396

Industrial Test Systems, Inc. features the Arsenic Quick™ test kit that provide accurate results at affordable prices. Designed using cutting edge chemistry, our easy-to-use test kits report results for Inorganic Arsenic (III & V) from 0.3 ppb in 12 minutes without the need for technical training. Performance and accuracy of these kits have been verified by the EPA  through the ETV program.  We invite you to see why the Quick™ line of Arsenic test kits from ITS are recognized throughout the world as the premium Arsenic field test kits.  The Quick™ Arsenic #481396 test kit can be used to test for Arsenic in Water, Soil, or Wood.

Performance & accuracy verified by USEPA-ETV (
• Ideal for field testing requiring no technical training
• Used by International Aid Organizations for field testing
• Results in only 12-14 minutes using safe, convenient reagents
• Components clearly labeled and color coded for error free testing
• 99.8% Correlation to ICP-MS reference method
• Winner of The 2003 WEF Innovative Technology Award
• Approved testing method Arizona point of use compliance program manual


0, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, >500 ppb (µg/L)


2 Reaction Bottles, clear PVC, with 20mL (lower), 50mL (middle), and 100mL (upper) lines
2 White Caps, with white turret, for holding test strip
3 Plastic Spoons (one large pink spoon- 1.25cc for First Reagent; one small red spoon- 0.15cc for Second Reagent; and one small white spoon- 0.15cc for Third Reagent)
1 Large Bottle of First Reagent (395gm)
1 Small Bottle of Second Reagent (78gm ea.)
1 Small Bottle of Third Reagent (140gm ea.)
1 Bottle of Arsenic Strips (100 total) with waterproof color chart label - Caution: Each testing pad contains about 1mg Mercuric Bromide (HgBr2)
Instruction Booklet with MSDS
Instruction Sticker
Plastic Bag for Used Test Strips
2 Yellow Caps for mixing
Plastic Case for Components