WaterWorks™ Free Chlorine Ultra High II Test Strips

Bottle of 50 tests
Part No. 480124

Detects Sanitizing AND Disinfecting solution levels.

The WaterWorks™ Ultra High II Free Chlorine water quality test strips have a very high range of detection with our patented Free Chlorine indicator. Designed to resist interference from monochloramines and no bleach-out, the WaterWorks™ Ultra High II Free Chlorine is the ideal product when testing sanitizing OR disinfecting solutions. All of the reagents are impregnated on the test strip pad, and no external chemicals are needed to perform the water quality test.

Single dip and read test strip procedure and optimized color chart make the product ideal for technical and non technical users alike for detection of Ultra High Range Free Chlorine in water - measures critical CHLORINE SANITIZING ranges (from 50– 200 ppm) and DISINFECTING ranges (from 500– 2000 ppm) - NO BLEACH OUT of indicator like other tests.


0, 25, 50, 200, 500, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000 ppm (mg/L)