WaterWorks™ EZ Coliform Cult

1 bottle of 1 test
Part No. 487197

Industrial Test Systems, Inc. offers the EZ Coliform Cult (XGAL/MUG) EPA compliant test. When using this simple test the media turns blue-green in the presence of coliform bacteria. E. coli growth is confirmed by blue fluorescence under UV light or using a Kovacs' reagent. Total coliform presence/absence test with E.coli confirmation E.coli confirmation by fluorescence or Kovacs' reagent. Results in 24 hours (95° F/35° C) or 48 hours (77° F/25° C). XGAL/MUG test uses safe chemistry EPA compliant method published in the Federal Register/Vol. 67, No. 209.

24 hour coliform presence/absence with E. coli confirmation possible