Complete Pesticide Test Kit

2 tests
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ITS is now offering the New Complete Pesticide Test Kit which detects over 13 different pesticides in your water and on fruits and vegetables. This Presence/Absence test is compact and easy to use plus requires no equipment. Reliable results in 15 minutes. The kit comes with 2 pesticide test cards, an Instruction color chart card, and a pipette in a heat sealed bag. This kit can detect organophosphorus (OP) and carbamate insecticides which are common pesticides. OP pesticides are the most widely used in the United States and are used on All Fruits, Vegetables, and Wheat. The most common way infants, children and adults are exposed to pesticides is by eating them on food.


Methamidophos, Isocarbophos, Parathion, Acephate, Dichlorvos, Dipterex, Malathion, Carbofuran, Monocrotophos, Carbaryl, Dimethoate, Carbosulfan, and Glyphosate