eXact® LEADQuick® w/Bluetooth® Water Test Kit

Smart Photometer System®
Part No. 486900-BT-W

The eXact® LEADQuick® Smart Photometer System® is the ideal portable tool for testing lead levels in water, paint, and more. New and improved Bluetooth® photometer to work with our eXact iDip® app. Lead is toxic to humans and can be ingested through water or other contaminated substances. The EPA and Congress continue to classify lead as a substance hazardous to the public health, and detrimental to normal childhood development. Widespread use of this simple, field test method will quickly and accurately determine exposure to toxic lead. The fast lead test solution, the eXact® LEADQuick® photometer gives accurate results using fewer steps than the competition. It's affordable and uses a non-technical procedure. Other features include: Ideal for Lead in Water Screening 3 ppb (µg/L) or .03 µg lead detection (EPA Max Limit is 15 ppb) Detects 1 - 500 ppb Lead in Water Uses patented technology (U.S. Patent 7333194) 2-Year warranty and 30-Day money back satisfaction guarantee

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Standard blue plastic carrying case w/ Foam includes:
eXact® LEADQUICK w/ Bluetooth® Photometer"
Cleaning brush
Instruction manual
50 tests of Lead or Mercury in Water
Tests and Reagents