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The Hard Truth About Iron in Well Water

Posted by Marketing Intern - Jonathan "J.R." Gerstl on Aug 13th 2018

Few things in life are more refreshing and healthy than an ice-cold glass of rust orange metallic tasting water… You need iron in your diet, but not quite like that. Here is some useful information about how iron gets in your water, potential hazards of it being there, and how to test for it. How Iron Can Get into Your Well Water? There are two ways iron can sneak into yo … read more

Making Sense of Manganese

Posted by Chad Howard, MD on May 23rd 2018

Although it is never found as a pure element; manganese is necessary for the production of steel, batteries, ceramics, pesticides, fertilizers and in dietary supplements. In this month's WQP magazine, Dr. Chad explains Manganese in detail from human metabolism to water quality. #WeHaveATestForThat … read more