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Crisis in New Orleans: Protecting Our Drinking Water

Posted by Jack Hargrove on Oct 4th 2023

New Orleans, known for its vibrant culture and rich history, is facing a pressing crisis that threatens the very essence of its existence – the contamination of its drinking water with saltwater. This alarming situation underscores the critical importance of water testing and the dire consequences of consuming salt-contaminated water.  Water testing is an essential practice that helps safegu … READ MORE

The 5 Times in Life You Need To Test Your Water

Posted by Marketing Manager - Mike McBride on May 31st 2023

Life gets busy, and with so many things to think about, no one has time to stop and worry about the little details. Water safety never even crossed your mind. You trust your local water providers to work diligently and clean your water. But water can become contaminated several times after it leaves the water plant and before reaching your faucet. While testing your water won’t solve your contami … READ MORE

Is the Water Safe In Public Schools?

Posted by marketing on Mar 31st 2016

Is the water safe in public schools? The water crisis in Michigan has drawn national attention to water quality and safety. Many public school districts still question their water purity. Experts say that schools nationwide have issues with lead contamination. According to The New York Times, federal regulations on water safety apply on narrow issues. Regulations apply only to supp … READ MORE

Water quality worries in Rio

Posted by marketing on Dec 3rd 2015

Water quality woes continue in Brazil The Associated Press is reporting Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic waterways are badly contaminated and the bad water quality poses a danger to athletes. Brazilian authorities have sent confusing messages about testing the viral pathogens already identified in the water. The large amount of viruses are equivalent to those found in raw sewage. Read the enti … READ MORE