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Dive Deeper: Understanding the Importance of Phosphate Testing for Your Pool

Posted by Jack Hargrove on Jun 17th 2024

Maintaining a crystal-clear swimming pool involves more than just skimming leaves and balancing chlorine levels. One often overlooked aspect of pool care is testing for phosphates, a key factor that can impact the health and clarity of your pool water. In this blog post, we'll explore what phosphates are, why they can be harmful to your pool, and introduce a new solution to help you keep your p … READ MORE

Springtime Pool Sorcery

Posted by Chad Howard, MD on May 25th 2018

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! It’s that time of year when pool owners are faced with the task of getting their pool open and ready for use. This article will focus on some of the pertinent pool water parameters that need to be checked and maintained in order to get a healthy pool right from the start of the season. There is also a more detailed section on chlorine to promote a better und … READ MORE