Is there Arsenic in your Drinking Water?

Posted by Marketing Intern - KayLeigh Schneider on Apr 7th 2021

Inorganic Arsenic is a highly toxic element that is formed from natural deposits in the earth. A water supply can be contaminated by Arsenic through industrial and agricultural pollution. Having long term exposure to ingesting high-levels of Arsenic can cause serious illnesses and health issues. As a result of this, it’s important to regularly test your drinking water and look out for high levels of Arsenic.

Arsenic can be found in organic and inorganic forms. Organic Arsenic contains an atom that is attached to a carbon. Although this structure is more complex, it is pretty harmless if ingested. Inorganic arsenic compounds don’t contain carbon and are simple molecules. A recent case in Colorado exposed that thousands of people were drinking water that was largely contaminated with Inorganic arsenic. They tested 457 wells and discovered that 11% of them had high concentrations of Inorganic arsenic in them. Most of these wells were primary sources of drinking water. Because of this, Inorganic arsenic is highly toxic and harmful when ingested.

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