Celebrate Earth Day everyday with SenSafe® Pocket Pack Water Test Strips!

Posted by Marketing Intern - KayLeigh Schneider on Apr 22nd 2021

While celebrating Earth Day we are celebrating our new environmental friendly product line. Industrial Test Systems has been a leading innovator of water quality testing for over 30 years. We understand and strive to reduce our environmental impact from the production of quality testing materials. In order to reduce the carbon footprint of their regular packaging, the company has shifted their packaging process and introduced the all new Pocket Pack testing strips.

The improvement to our packaging is to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the amount of plastic used. Nearly 10 million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year. As a result of this, we sought to make a much-needed improvement to the packaging of our water testing strips.

Pocket Packs contain no plastic in the packaging and instead use a light weight paper that is easily recycled. A single Pocket Pack can hold up to 30 water quality test strips that can easily fit right into your pocket. Pocket Packs are safe, reliable, and affordable and come in a multitude of different water quality tests for Water Quality, Environmental Water Quality and Pools and Spas.  These include Copper, Low Chlorine, 5-in-1, 4+, and 3-in-1. Pocket Packs are easy and convenient to store anywhere and offer more color blocks for a more accurate and easy to read test.  For more information and a FREE Sample contact us at 1-803-329-9712 or  visit our page to view the whole line of Pocket Packs.

Sensafe Pocket Packs are a new line of eco-friendly packets of water test strips!