Payment Methods

Payment methods:

  • Credit card: We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Purchasers bear all costs associated with a disputed credit card charge which results in action from ITS’ merchant account provider, otherwise known as “chargebacks”. Purchases made by credit card will include a 3% convenience fee.
  • COD: A fee of up to $15.00 will apply to your order (may not be available for all customers).
  • Check/Wire Transfer: A Proforma invoice is issued, which includes shipping & handling, to send us a check by mail/carrier or wire transfer ($50 wire fee applies). If you include your shipping account number freight will be billed collect.
  • Credit terms:
    • International: Terms are not available for international customers
    • Domestic: Terms are not available on the first order for new customers. Initial order must be placed by the methods listed above. You may apply for NET 30 terms after initial order by filling out the ITS Credit Reference Form. Note: Net30 terms means all invoices must be paid in full 30 days from the date of invoice. Accounts that are paid late, after 30 days, on 2 consecutive invoices will be re-evaluated for terms and may be required to pre-pay, regardless of the size of the order.