ITS Patents

Industrial Test Systems has developed many unique chemistries. Being an innovator of water quality testing, we hold many patents in the United States and around the world. A list of our many Patents is below.

Patent # Title
Reagent Delivery and Photometric Chlorine Analysis

Water soluble analytical agents for chlorine analysis of water are delivered into a sample from a support that is beneficially moved in the sample to assist delivery and mixing.

Photometric Analysis

A beneficial photometric analytical method is described according to which an effective amount of at least one analytical agent for photometric analysis, is delivered from a support into a liquid sample, and advantageously a mixing action may be provided, by moving …

Cyanide Application

This invention relates to colorimetric analysis based upon the Konig Reaction, in particular of cyanide.

Arsenic Analysis

An improved method for the analysis of arsenic in an aqueous sample, is disclosed. In accordance with the inventive method, arsenic is reduced to arsine gas in an acidic aqueous reaction environment and in the presence of an effective amount of an agent f…

6541269 B
Colorimetric Test Strips (Aperture)

A method and calorimetric test strip for determining analyte concentration are provided. The test strip includes an aperture exposing a face of an calorimetric indicator-bearing carrier.

6541269 A
Colorimetric Test Strip

A novel immersible colorimetric test strip is provided. The test strip includes a flow through, colorimetric indicator-bearing carrier, and a substance separately carried on the test strip for chemically modifying analyte into a detectible ionic form.

Test Strip for Free Chlorine Analysis

A colorimetric test strip useful for analysis of free chlorine is provided. In a preferred embodiment, 3,3',5,5'-tetramethylbenzidine is the colorimetric indicator. Beneficially, the carrier for the indicator has been treated to have a pH that eliminates ...

Test Device for Detection of Molybdate, Vanadate and Ferric Ions

Improved method and device for detection and semi-quantitative colorimetric determination of molybdate, ferric, and vanadate ions in aqueous solutions and coolant systems containing ethylene glycol and coolant additive.

Reflectometry Apparatus and Method

The present invention is directed to a reflectometer-based apparatus and method for colorimetric analysis. It includes use of a test strip provided with an aperture over which a translucent colorimetric, indicator-bearing matrix is affixed. The invention includes a test strip holder that includes a test strip holding channel provided with a white background.

EP 1725864
Photometric Analysis (European Patent DE, FR and UK)
SA 2007/00628
Photometric Analysis (South African)

This invention relates to photometric analysis of liquids.

For System for Water Analysis Namely Photometer and Software

Smart Photometer System ®

For Waterproof Wireless-enabled Photometers for Water Analysis in Class 9

Smart Digital Water Testing®

Processor-based analysis system and methods

The technology includes a water analysis computer program, which may be an app for a smart device. Beneficially, an interactive visual display device is in communication with a sensing device.