ecocheck ez

For Marine and Freshwater Analysis

EcoCheck ez photometer
  • Total Alkalinity
  • Ammonia
  • Calcium Hardness *
  • Total Hardness
  • Magnesium *
  • Nitrate
  • Nitrite
  • pH

* denotes tests only relative to Marine environments

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Tackle Testing with our eXact iDip® App

Draw out the full potential of this powerful photometer with our App! With the ability to save and email results, save test locations, and access instructional videos and manuals, the eXact iDip® App is the best testing partner! The eXact iDip® app is the first product in the water testing market that provides seamless data transmission, via Bluetooth® wireless technology, from a photometer to Apple® and Android® intelligent devices. Through live syncing, test results are transmitted in real-time. The eXact iDip® app saves the test history of multiple water sources, including aquariums. Data can be shared via email, and the built-in GPS feature allows for easy retrieval of water locations. Aquaria professionals will appreciate eliminating repetitive data entry tasks while saving time and money. This technology is US & Internationally patented and copyright protected.

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Enjoy Handheld; Lab Quality results using our patented testing system.


The Eco-Check eXact® EZ photometer with Bluetooth®  is a handheld, self-contained system that can easily travel to any test site, regardless of location.

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ipad using exact idip app


All Eco-check eXact EZ® Photometers are created with ease of use in mind. No lab equipment is needed! Each briefcase-sized kit has every tool you'll need to test your water source.

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